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Detective Pikachu is a Telegram bot specialized in creating lists of participants to organize Pokémon GO raids.

This bot is not associated with Niantic or The Pokémon Company, it is an independent tool. It does not communicate with the game in any way, so it does not violate the terms and conditions.

If you want to know how the bot works to be able to sign up and create raids, consult the user documentation. Are you managing or want to create a new group? Then you are interested in the documentation for administrators.

You can ask for help in the group @detectivepikachuhelp. You can find out about the news in the channel @detectivepikachunews.

Servers can be paid monthly thanks to the generous donations from this people and others. Even small donations help keep the server costs, so please cosider making a donation in Patreon: Tina Arroyo, Pokémon Go Tarragona, RAMeow, Jordi2908, CosladaGO, Incursiones Tenerife Norte, PoGo Areeiro, Gcg93ZoNe, TFalkenLop, RaidsAveiro, Go Vallecas, Eleita, CidHigh, Pilfer, itsnursejessi, LucasOnRubia, jillo71, FeiGei