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The messages are similar to the notes, but they are sent only privately to the trainers who are signed up at that moment.

These messages can be used to aid coordination, for example, to send the code in case of creating private rooms if the bot’s native room feature is not used.

This feature is disabled by default and can only be used by administrators, but an administrator can also enable them for the raid organizer and also for the other registered trainers, unlike the notes feature.

To send a message, use the command /msg, whose use is very similar to the command to edit raids or the command to put notes. The easiest way is to reply to the raid message with the command /msg followed by the message you want to send. For example:

/msg The code is Pikachu Butterfree Snorlax

It is also possible to send a message only for remotely pointed participants and guests (explicitly excluding those in attendance), using /rmsg instead of /msg.

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