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The bot is programmed and maintained by Gentakojima, with the help of a bunch of volunteers who help with translations, test new features and give their moral support.


The moderators are in charge of helping with registrations, level-ups and team changes that the bot is not able to perform automatically, among other functions. Depending on the season, dozens of users can be served daily.

Current moderators: Eleita, Diammy, SampeSamu, NatalisStark, RAMeow, TinaArroyo and Nanoteck.

Retired moderators: BreezyChum, Pikaping, Tabernita, Nelulita among others.


Translating software whose main interface with the user is words is a rather tedious task that consumes many hours. Additionally, each translation must be reviewed frequently as new features are changed or added. The translators of the languages that have been completed are:

German: StefanZune, Stephi, Stefan (main translators)

Catalan: bicNaranjita (main translator), MilesWiles14 (main translator)

Chinese (traditional): Shin (main translator)

French: Carmenhat (main translator)

Galician: Ely (lead translator)

Indonesian: Rio Gunadi (lead translator)

English: Marina Dreamerina (lead translator); Nick1778 (documentation); Carmenhat, Pilfer, Fauri, Gentakojima, Okami (occasional translators)

Italian: Nanoteck (main translator, documentation); Soulrack (main translator)

Portuguese: Tina Arroyo (main translator); João Cardoso (documentation)

Russian: Nick (main translator)

Dutch: WildJokerStylez,CyBeRBART (main translators)

Translator coordinator: HarlockHrk


In help groups there are generally users willing to give a hand to people who are more lost and they also do a great job. They know who they are.


The patreons help by making financial contributions to sustain the operation of the bot. Without them, the economic burden that it represents today would surely be unaffordable. Those who have agreed to show an acknowledgment are listed at the bottom of the page, but there are also others who prefer anonymity.

Servers can be paid monthly thanks to the generous donations from this people and others. Even small donations help keep the server costs, so please cosider making a donation in Patreon: Tina Arroyo, Pokémon Go Tarragona, RAMeow, Jordi2908, CosladaGO, Incursiones Tenerife Norte, PoGo Areeiro, Gcg93ZoNe, TFalkenLop, RaidsAveiro, Go Vallecas, Eleita, CidHigh, Pilfer, itsnursejessi, LucasOnRubia, jillo71, FeiGei