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⚠️ It is important to do all this in your own raid group, but not in any other general chat or screening group you may have. If not, the group might always appear as inactive. If you want, you can modify the link that appears on the map, so that the trainers do not enter the raid group directly.

In order to appear in the community map it is necessary to establish a group location using the command /location followed by the coordinates in numerical format. For example:

/location 42.878730, -8.546366

Groups intended to raid over wide areas (in entire regions, or around the world) with the support of guest trainers can use the special location global to appear in a listing of remote participation groups:

/location global

To disappear from the map, simply delete the coordinates the usual way:

/location -

The name of the group, its image, the number of members and the language used in the bot will be shown on the map. Group activity (0 to 5 stars) will also be calculated and groups with gym locations set will have a heat map of gyms with the most raids.

If the group is public, its public link will be automatically displayed. If the group is private, no links will be displayed. A link can be established via the /mapgroup command.

/mapgroup @PGSDC

Even if you don’t want the group link to appear publicly, it is advisable to always add a link. You can, for example, put a link to a Telegram channel with instructions to access the group.

⚠️ By default, only groups with some activity and with a link configured with the /mapgroup command are shown. However, all groups can be seen by checking the corresponding settings in the bottom menu.

Problems with group markers (broken links, abandoned groups, etc.) can be reported. The administration will review the reports and will contact the group administrators if necessary. To report problems it is necessary to identify yourself with Telegram.

It is also possible to see the raids that are active in a certain group by clicking on its marker. In order to see them, it is necessary to identify with Telegram and belong to the group at that time.

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