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Create Raids and Announces

Raids must be organized into communities. Remember to find your community if you haven’t already done so.

First, the announcements of the raids are created and, from the announcement, the raids are organized at a specified time. The easiest way to do this is to send the party a screenshot of the game with the egg unhatched or with the raid boss once it has hatched. The bot will recognize the image and create the ad.

Alternatively, announcements can be created using the /announce command, or raids directly using the /raid command. If the group has gyms with locations configured, a series of menus will appear to choose the parameters such as the location itself, the Pokémon or the time.

Both /raid and /announce can also be used by setting all the parameters directly, always in this order:

/raid pokemon gym time

You can also add the time at which the Pokémon disappears, putting it at the end:

/raid pokemon gym time endtime

In the advertisements you can specify the start time or the end time, but not both. It will be considered a start time if you go before the gym, or an end time if you go at the end.

/announce pokemon starttime gym 
/announce pokemon gym endtime

Some examples:

/raid Raikou 14:30 Alameda
/raid Entei 3:30 Plaza de la Verdura
/raid Mega Charizard X 12:00 Plaza Mayor 12:15
/announce Metapod 12:00 Main Square
/announce Metapod Main Square 12:45

Instead of specifying a Pokémon, you can specify an egg, for example: pink, yellow, legendary or mega:

/raid yellow 1:00 PM Alameda
/mega raid 2:30 PM Cauliflower Park

EX Raids

EX Raid Announcements can be created by submitting an invitation image, in the same way as other images.

They can also be created manually. In this case, it is necessary to specify the Pokémon in question if it is known or the word * EX *. You also have to put the day, in * day /hour * format.

For example, for an EX raid on the 12th at 15:30 in the Cruise gym:

/raid EX 12/15:30 Cruise

Pokémon with various forms

If a Pokémon has several active forms, it can be specify the shape as follows:

/raid pokemon /shape gym time end time

For example, to specify Burmy in its Junk Trunk shape:

/raid Burmy /junk 13:30 Plaza de Abastos

If the Pokémon has only one shape currently active, you do not need to specify the shape. It will be chosen automatically.

Creation of incursions in channels

Note that if the bot is configured in a channel (not to be confused with a group), only administrators with the ability to write and send images will be able to create announcements and incursions. In this case, a non-admin user can only organize using existing ads or sign you up for raids, but not create new ones. Check with a community manager for details.

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