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To use the basic functions of the bot, it is not necessary to register, unless the community in which you participate has mandatory registration activated.

When you register, your coach, team and level name will be shown when you sign up for the raids. You can also participate in the rankings, search for remote raids worldwide and request invitations.

In a private with @detectivepikachubot, type the command /register and you will start the registration process. It will ask you to take a screenshot of the game by switching your partner Pokémon to prove that the screenshot is yours.

Trainer code

In order to use the invite functions and those related to remote raids, the bot needs to know your 👨‍❤️‍👨 trainer code. All you have to do is send the bot a screenshot of the game section to add friends, or share the code from the game, or simply tell it the code without further ado.

Telegram username

In order to use the most basic functions of the bot it is necessary to have a Telegram username defined. It can be done from the Telegram settings.

Level up and team change

If you have already registered, to indicate that you have leveled up or changed teams, just send the bot a new screenshot of the coach profile.

Coach name change

If you have changed your coach name in game, you must redo the registration process from scratch. You can do it even if you were previously registered with another account.

Telegram account change

If you have changed your phone number you can keep your old Telegram account by changing its associated phone number. If you follow these steps, you don’t have to do anything else.

If you haven’t used Telegram for a long time (accounts are typically deleted after six months of not using them) or you’ve lost your phone number, you can’t do this. Instead, you must register again.

The username you used in the past may still be registered with the bot, but upon detecting a new account with that username, it should release it. In case this is not possible, you will receive an error when using the /profile command. In case everything goes well, your username associated with your new account will appear.

If you try to register with a coach name that is associated with another Telegram account, the bot will indicate the steps to follow before you can continue with the registration. This is a manual process and may take some time.

Share registration with other bots

To facilitate registration with other management bots, it is possible to share registration data from Detective Pikachu to the bots @profserbalbot, @NurseJoyBot and @pwillowbot. In case of being registered in Detective Pikachu, the bots will detect that that user is already registered and will give you instructions to import the data.

Those bots can only know if your user is registered in Detective Pikachu, but they cannot see the data unless you give them your consent. The first time consent is needed, Detective Pikachu will ask you privately. You can review consents, or deny or pre-approve them using the /linkedbots command.

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