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Raids Alerts

Alerts are used for the bot to notify privately when certain raids are made. It can be configured to warn of raids in certain gyms, or of specific raid bosses.

To configure them, use the command /alerts privately to the bot and follow the instructions.

For raid bosses with multiple shapes, you can set alerts for any shape by selecting the option that does not put anything on its shape, or only for certain shapes by selecting the options of the shapes you want.

There is a limit of 30 Gym Alerts and 12 Pokémon Alerts per party and trainer. With /clearalerts you can delete all your alerts at once.

Keep in mind that in order to configure the alerts for a group’s raids, you must first have participated in a raid in that group. The group can turn off alerts globally, so if you can’t create them, an administrator may have turned them off for that group.

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