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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and process

This bot collects the following information about its users when interacting with it privately or through a Telegram group or channel:

  • Numerical Telegram identifier
  • Telegram username
  • Account status (registered, unregistered or banned)
  • Data related to the Pokémon GO account provided in the registration process: team, coach name, level and coach code

The bot It also stores unordered files with group and direct interactions (logs), including files and images that the bot detects as relevant to the game, with the aim of being able to trace technical problems and attend to ban appeals.

How the information is used

The information stored is used for the following purposes:

  • Provide the Pokémon GO raid organization service.
  • Offer each user and group or channel statistics and weekly and monthly rankings on the use of the bot.
  • Offer the administrators of the groups in which they participate information about the participants.

The legal basis for the data processing mentioned in this section is the provision of the service that is voluntarily requested (article 6, paragraph 1 (b) of the RGPD).

As explained in the Cheater Policy, activity will be automatically tracked in logs for suspicious behavior. The legal basis for this data processing is article 6, paragraph 1 (f) of the RGPD.

Who has access to the information

The Telegram username and the data related to the Pokémon GO account may be shared in groups or channels where activity is maintained. This sharing can be public, depending on the configuration of each group or channel. They can also be shared with other selected trainers when using the raid search or invite features.

The numerical identifier and username of Telegram and the data related to the Pokémon GO account may be shared with the administrators of the groups or channels in which some activity is carried out.

The legal basis for sharing the data provided is the provision of the service that is voluntarily requested (article 6, paragraph 1 (b) of the RGPD).

Duration of storage

The information is stored for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is collected:

  • The information of the Pokémon GO account and Telegram username is kept for a maximum of two years after the cessation of activity.
  • Group and direct interactions with the bot (logs) are deleted after two months.

Rights contemplated in the RGPD

A request must be sent to the Telegram group enabled for this purpose indicating that you want to exercise any of the rights contemplated: access, rectification, deletion and limitation of treatment, data portability.

In case of exercising the right of deletion, the bot will save the numerical identifier of Telegram along with a mark indicating this wish. In this case, it will not be possible to use the bot and the account status will appear as banned.

After exercising the right of deletion, it will not be possible to access the services again until at least one month has elapsed since the deletion has become effective.

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