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🤖 Warning: Current page has been automatically translated into English, and should be reviewed by a human translator. Expect some wacky wording!

Add bot to a group

The recommended way to use the bot is to use a group dedicated solely to organizing raids. If you already had a more general Pokémon GO group, you can give the link to the members to enter if they want to make raids, for example by putting it in a pinned message.

Add the bot to a group

You can do it in three ways:

  1. Go to the profile of @detectivepikachubot. In the menu, select the option * Add to a group * and choose the group from the list.

  2. Click on this link on a device where you have Telegram installed.

  3. Add it as you would add any other contact to the group. In the group, click on * Add member * and enter the bot’s username: @ detectivepikachubot.

Before starting to use the bot, it is advisable to make the bot an administrator. Make sure the bot has the permissions todelete messagesandpin messages. It is also recommendedto ensure that the group has already become a supergroup before you start using it. To force this to happen, give any admin a custom title.

Add the bot to a channel

You have to go to the administrator management and add it directly as an administrator, searching for it by its username: @ detectivepikachubot.

It is not recommended to use channels in any case, because only administrators can use commands and the bot will not be able to distinguish who sends them.

On channels, the bot won’t work until you use the /settings command once.

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