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Stats and Rankings

There are two types of rankings: the announces creation ranking and the raid participation ranking.

They are disabled by default, so your group may don’t use these. If active, they may appear weekly on Sunday nightandmonthly on the last day of the month at night.

For the ad creation ranking, the ads are only counted if they are later converted to incursions that are not canceled. Also, the group can be configured to only count announcements from bosses of certain levels.

For the raid participation ranking, it is necessary to sign up for the raid before the time of the raid (that is, sign up after the hour never counts) and mark ✅ Estoy, or go as 📡 Remoto_or 👨‍❤️ ‍👨_Guest. In this case, the group can also be configured to only count announcements from bosses of certain levels.

You can also some basic statistics of personal participation in the last calendar week with the command /stats. Keep in mind that the statistics will correspond to the week before the current one.

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