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Lobby Organization

As remote coaches and invitations have been incorporated, a system has been developed to facilitate the organization of the rooms, something that previously was left entirely to the coaches.

⚠️ Watch out! Not all groups use the room organization system or use it in the same way. Check pinned messages, if any, or ask a group administrator if you are unsure about how to proceed.

Shortly before the time of the raid, the organizer will receive by private message a message from the bot where they can indicate if they are going to create a public room or a private room and can enter the code of the room.

If a private room is indicated, the code will immediately be sent to all trainers listed as face-to-face and as remote; and invited coaches will be instructed to open the game in order to receive the invitation.

If a public room is indicated, an indication of the moment when they should enter will be sent to the coaches listed as face-to-face and remote and invited coaches will be instructed to open the game.

Recommendations for organizers

There are usually two recurring problems in room organization:

  1. The trainers have problems getting all of them to the lobby on time, due to the little time available to enter once the lobby is created.

  2. Trainers cannot enter the halls due to the trainers limit per lobby of the game: 10 remote trainers (including guests) and 20 total.

To minimize these problems, these recommendations should be followed:

  1. Always use private rooms, to avoid exceeding the limit of trainers.

  2. After creating the room in the game, the organizer must enter the code as quickly as possible through the bot.

  3. In-game invitations must be sent after the code has been sent through the bot, not before.

  4. Trainers must be told that it is forbidden to invite additional people who are targeted through the bot.

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