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Usage Policy

The bot has been designed to facilitate organization between Pokémon GO players who follow the Niantic Terms of Service. Special attention deserves section 3.1 where cheating is defined.


Use of Banned Applications

The use of any type of modified Pokémon GO application or applications that may be used to spoof the location is prohibited.

Activity in communities of cheats

It is prohibited to join and participate in communities of players that are focused on the use of applications to falsify the location, passing coordinates, or to offer or ask for help to carry out these activities.

Respect and behavior in groups

Trainers must behave appropriately in the groups for help and assistance of the bot. They must also abide by and respect the decisions of the bot administration staff and any penalties that may have been imposed.

Falsification of registration data

Attempting to register with the bot by falsifying or altering the registration data is prohibited.

Use of various accounts and account sharing

The responsibility for what happens with Telegram or Pokémon GO account or accounts always belongs to the trainer to which they belong, so sanctions will be imposed regardless of whether the rules were violated with secondary accounts, or by third parties using your accounts.


The bot cannot be used in groups or channels that openly allow or promote directives contrary to the Niantic Terms of Service, specifically in what regards location spoofing. This means that you cannot include instructions for these types of players or help them participate in raids.

Trainers banned from the bot for false location cannot be part of the administration of any group.

If these instructions are not followed, the bot could be suspended in the group and all the administrators of that group could be banned.

It is recommended that players who misrepresent their location be kicked out as soon as they are detected, to avoid problems or misunderstandings. However, while recommended, it is not required to monitor groups for cheaters.

Banning methods

The bot implements anti-cheat measures that detect behavior and use of certain applications that allow cheating, which can lead to an automatic ban of users or even entire groups. Automatic bans are manually reviewed by bot staff once they have occurred to ensure their legitimacy.

Bans can also be applied completely manually upon request if there is sufficient evidence. For more information, visit the Pokémon GO Report Group.

Appeals and reviews

To check if your account is banned, you can use the command /profile privately. The bot will not reply to any other command or allow you to join raids. Your account status will be Banned. In that case, you can find in that same message a link to request a review or an appeal of the ban. In the review you can request information on the duration and reasons for the ban and appeal if it is considered inadmissible.

In case a group does not comply with the rules of behavior, it can also be banned and the bot will not respond to any command or allow to join existing raids. Those affected can ask the general help group for their language about the steps to follow to review their case. In some cases, a bot administrator may contact group administrators in advance.

Nature and duration of the bans

Depending on the reason for the sanction, there is a duration that must be respected and cannot be reduced under any circumstances, unless the administration staff collaborates and they determine that the sanction was wrong. The duration must be valued in each case, but never less than what is specified here:

  • From 4 to 24 months for the use of prohibited applications or having activity in communities of cheaters (at least 6 months if the use of prohibited applications has been confirmed)
  • From 2 to 4 weeks for lack of respect and bad behavior in the assistance and aid groups
  • From 2 to 4 weeks for falsification of the registration data
  • From 3 to 24 additional months for not respecting the Penalties filed previously

In the event of penalties for activities that persist over time (for example, for the use of prohibited applications), the penalty will begin to run from the moment these applications are no longer used.

Ban compliance

The link to request a ban review or appeal must be accessed using the /profile command explaining that the ban has been fully complied with. An administrator will check if everything is in order and in that case he can remove the ban.

In the event that a review has been carried out previously, the duration will have been communicated to the trainer in said review. Otherwise, a prior review will be necessary to determine the duration.

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