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Another useful commands for admins

To reverse the cancellation of a raid you can use the command /uncancel. It is used exactly like the /cancel, but on canceled raids. Please note that invited trainers are irretrievably lost when canceling, doing /uncancel does not recover them.

To selectively remove trainers from raids, you can use /unlist followed by the name of the trainer. This command is used like all those in the editing family: either answering the raid, or privately specifying the raid identifier and the name of the desired trainer in that order.

To obtain a complete history of a raid, use the command /raidlog. This history can serve to clarify possible problems in a raid, whether technical or behavioral of the trainers.

To refloat all current raids at once, you can use the /refloatactive command. The /refloatall command is similar, but it will also refloat raids from several hours ahead. The /refloattoday command is similar, but limited to the current day. The /refloatex command will refloat all EX raids that occur in the future.

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