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Find Remote Trainers and Raids

These trainer and raid search functions are used to search for trainers and raids from other communities. Both roles are limited toregistered trainers level 34 or higher.

Search for trainers

If you are signed up for a raid and want to search for more trainers, click on the link 🔍 Search remote trainers which is below the list of candidates. The private chat with the bot will open and then you must click on Start. Don’t worry, the bot hasn’t stopped or anything like that, it’s a Telegram limitation.

Once a coach has been found, the exchange ideally lasts less than a minute. First, the other coach must show interest in participating. Afterwards, the coach who has requested help must confirm that they can invite you.

In case of acceptance, the 👨‍❤️‍👨 trainer code will be sent to the interested party, so that they can add you as a friend in the game and you can accept it before the raid begins. He will also be added to the coach roster below you, as if he were a guest coach. Your coach name will appear in italics to distinguish it.

A trainer invited in this way does not count towards rankings or as a group activity, for the purposes of other bot functions.

Search for raids

If you want to search for raids that are using this system, put the command /findraids to the bot as a direct message. If no raid is found within 10 minutes, the search will stop and you will have to rerun the command if you want to resume it.


Interactions with this system are valued upon completion. These ratings will be taken into account in future Raid and Trainer searches.

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