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Edit, Cancel, Delete and Refloat

You can edit and add all the details of the raid after creating it: change the time, gym, Pokémon (or egg), its shape, organizer and time the egg opens or disappears.

To edit or add any of these details, you can reply to the message containing the raid with one of these commands:

/time 12:00
/pokemon Wartortle
/form speed
/gym Plaza de Abastos
/endtime 12: 30
/endtime -
/opentime 11:50
/opentime -
/organizer trainername

To specify the time of the raid, the Pokémon or its form is not necessary to put the command. Simply enter the data for it to recognize it.

In the case of passing a horizontal bar - as an argument to /endtime or /opentime, the opening time of the egg and at which the Pokémon disappears will be deleted.

A raid can also be canceled by replying with the /cancel command. Depending on the group options, you can also delete with the /delete command and refloat with the /refloat command.

Participants will receive notices privately when a raid is edited, canceled or deleted.

If the raid is held on a different day than the current one, the day of the month must be specified separated by a slash. For example, /time 12/11:20 sets the raid on the 12th at 11:20.

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