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Time zone and Region

To set the time zone and the region, use the /timezone command with the corresponding time zone as a parameter following the format of the IANA time zone list. For example, these are some of the most used:

/timezone Europe/Madrid
/timezone Europe/Lisbon
/timezone Europe/London
/timezone America/Sao_Paulo
/timezone America/Chicago
/timezone Atlantic/Canary
/timezone America/Mexico_City
/timezone America/New_York
/timezone Asia/Jakarta
/timezone Europe/Kiev

To query the current time zone and region, you can use the command /timezone without parameters.


The region is chosen automatically when you change the time zone. If your region does not correspond to the automatic choice, you can modify it with the command /region (without parameters) choosing one of the available options. If you are creating a group for remote raids that cannot be region restricted, choose the special option All regions.

Use more than one time zone

It is not possible to use more than one time zone natively, but you can show the hours in several time zones at the same time, or put the time with a link that leads to a web time zone converter. See the templates section to learn more.

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