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Notes allow you to add a text note to a raid, which will generally display at the bottom of the message containing the raid. By adding it, it will also be sent privately to each coach who is signed up at that moment, but not to the coaches who sign up later.

This feature is disabled by default and can only be used by administrators, but an administrator can also enable them for the raid organizer. It is not possible to activate it for all the registered ones.

To add a note, use the command /note. Its use is very similar to the raid editing commands: replying to the raid message with the command /note followed by the note you want to add. For example:

/note This is the start of the path

Notes can be deleted from raids, although messages that have been sent privately will remain. For that, you can use:

/note -

In case of adding a second note, it will replace the first.

This feature is similar in some respects to sending messages. Also review that section to understand which one you should use in each case.

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